Fraud Awareness

“Fraud and financial scams are on the rise. Anyone can be targeted, but you can learn to spot the signs.”

Fake Fraud Alerts

You receive a text from Malaga Bank asking you to call a phone number about suspicious activity or to reply YES or NO to verify whether a transaction was authorized. If you reply, you’ll get a call from a FAKE “Malaga Bank Fraud Department” claiming they want to help get your money back. Don’t fall for it – it’s a SCAM! What they really want to do is steal your money and personal information.


  • Stop and think about what they are asking, especially if it feels urgent or pressured
  • Do not share One-Time-Passcode (OTP)
  • Be careful when sending money, once you send money you may not be able to get it back

Phishing / Spoofing

Phishing is when you get an email that looks reputable but asks you to call a fraudulent number, respond to the email or go to a website and enter personal information. You may be asked to look at an attachment, which then gives scammers access to your computer if you open it.

Scammers can “spoof” phone numbers. The caller ID can say the call or text is from Malaga Bank even though it’s not. They do this to trick you into providing your personal and financial information to steal your money.


  • Beware of requests for personal information
  • Stop and think about what they are asking, especially if it feels urgent or pressured
  • Do not share One-Time-Passcode (OTP)
  • Watch for spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Don't click on links and attachments in an email or text if you're not sure who it's from
  • If your caller ID says a call or text is from Malaga Bank, it could be a scam! Call us at (310) 375-9000

Check Fraud

Scammers will steal your written checks from your mailbox or mail drop box locations. Then, they will use chemicals to remove the ink and rewrite checks to themselves. Scammers will also use the stolen checks to sell your information and use it to create counterfeit checks and unauthorized ACH withdrawals with your account number and routing number. 


  • Use permanent black or blue ink and avoid ball point pens
  • Fill out the payee and dollar amount space completely, if you have extra space draw a line to the end of the space
  • Mail your check from inside the post office
  • Monitor your accounts regularly; verify the payee and amount of the check matches what you originally wrote
  • Securely dispose checks and statements you no longer need

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Scammers use AI to clone voices impersonating people, specifically your loved ones! Scammers will use audio from clips your loved ones posted online to clone their voice. Then, the scammer will call you using their voice and pretend to be desperate for money to get out of trouble or danger.


  • Don’t trust the voice!
  • Hang up and call back on a number you know to be theirs, or call someone else who knows them


Scammers will attempt to trick you into giving them your passwords, social security number, and other sensitive information to get access to your accounts, steal your money and your identity. Always be suspicious of calls, emails, texts, or any communication you receive from someone you don’t know; especially if they want money or your personal information. Resist the urge to act immediately, scammers will put you in a stressed situation to get what they want quickly.

Common Scams and Tips:

  • Romance – Don’t send money to anyone you’ve only spoke to online or by phone
  • You’ve Won! – Don’t send money to claim a prize or cash
  • Escrow/Wires – Don’t send money without verify wire instructions with your loan officer directly
  • Investments – Don’t send money without researching the person and/or company you’re dealing with is legitimate
  • Work From Home – Don’t send money for equipment to start employment
  • Computer Virus – Never give anyone remote access to your computer, tablets, or smartphone
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – The IRS will not call or text you to collect monies owed, their primary means of communication is USPS